Walk and Wag 2023

HSHV Junior Volunteers

Support our Junior Volunteer team! Join us as a fundraiser, sponsor one of our members, or just sponsor the whole team.

Your support will help us and the Humane Society of Huron Valley in its mission to support the loving, responsible care of animals in our community.

HSHV would not be able to do the amazing life-saving work without the support and dedication of our incredible Junior Volunteers. Ranging from 12 to 17 years old, our JV’s ensure that our animals are feeling loved while waiting for a forever home. With over 500 Junior Volunteers, they do everything from cuddling dogs, cat feeding, laundry, cat comforting, and making treats and toys for our residents!

TEAM GOAL: $15,000

When we reach our team goal, the entire team will win an exclusive movie and pizza night at Tiny Lions Lounge and Adoption Center!


JVs can win special JV fundraising milestone prizes, in addition to the adult prizes! Prizes are cumulative, so if you raise $60, you get the sticker, Tiny Lions free pass, and brunch)!! Prizes in orange are available only to members of the HSHV Junior Volunteers Walk & Wag team.

$10: Walk & Wag sticker

$50: 1-hour pass to Tiny Lions Lounge & Adoption Center

$60 Free lunch at Walk & Wag

$100 Goody bag

$150 Walk & Wag t-shirt (you can wear this to volunteer instead of the navy JV shirt!)

$200 HSHV notebook

$250 Name a shelter animal

$300 JV Fundraising Superstar t-shirt

$375 Walk & Wag patch

$500 Help carry puppies off the Love Train! (Help those cute puppies on their journey to finding a loving home!!!)

…and more! (After the $500 mark, you can earn all the corresponding adult prizes including tickets to Compassionate Feast in November and a personal pet portrait!)

Your support of HSHV and our Junior Volunteer team is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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