Walk & Wag 2018

HSHV Staff

Thank you for supporting us!  


Since 1896 supporters like you have helped us stand up against the cruel and cold-hearted treatment of our beloved four-footed friends.  Treatment guided by an attitude that they are “just animals” lacking feeling and value, undeserving of our empathy, care and protection.


Not only do we know in our hearts and souls that this is blatantly false, we also now recognize through experience and science that the human/animal bond is strong and that our lives are made so much better through animals.


Donors like you allow us to do our jobs – to serve, teach, protect, heal, innovate, provide and love unconditionally.  You allow us to achieve amazing things each and every day and help us push for a more compassionate reality for our most loyal and loving friends.


On behalf of all the animals whose lives we touch, we say THANK YOU

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