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Our shelter receives hundreds of lost. stray, abandoned, abused and owner-surrendered animals each month from throughout Washtenaw County and beyond. No animal in need is ever turned away. In addition to a warm and safe place to sleep, our animals receive food, needed medical care, exercise and loving care from staff and volunteers to keep them happy and healthy.

Services at HSHV Include:


NOTE: It is important to note that while HSHV is the holding facility for stray animals in Washtenaw County, we do not pick stray animals up. Members of the community who have found a stray animal should contact their local Law Enforcement Agency for assistance with stray animals.


Washtenaw County Residents: Please call the Washtenaw County Sheriff dispatch at 734-971-3954


Canton Township Residents: Please call the Canton Police at 734-397-3000


Plymouth City or Plymouth Township Residents: Please call Plymouth Police dispatch at 734-453-8600


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