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Animal Care Education

A.C.E. Presentations are approximately 45-60 minutes each and are offered Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm. Available as a printable brochure (PDF).

Programs Available:

  • "Paws"itively Safe: Safety Around Animals:

    In this program, participants will become pet safety experts! Participants will learn how to safely approach and handle a known animal, what to do if they come across an animal that they don't know and how to read an animal's body language to tell what it may be trying to communicate.
    Appropriate for: grades pre-k through adult

  • Happy Tails: How To Keep Your Pet Happy, Safe and Healthy

    Want to learn how to keep your pet happy? In this program, participants will learn the basics on proper pet care including: veterinary care, ways to exercise your pet, proper grooming needs and how to provide appropriate shelter, food and water for your pet. Participants will also learn about the great programs that HSHV offers to help pet owners care for their pets.
    Appropriate for: grades pre-k through adult

  • Working for Animals: Careers in Animal Welfare

    With so many career paths available in the animal welfare field, sometimes it's hard to choose which way to go! In this program, participants will learn about a variety of animal welfare careers and the education necessary for each. Participants will learn how these careers help support our mission at the Humane Society of Huron Valley and how each relates to the care of animals in our facility.
    Appropriate for: grades 8-adult

  • Decisions, Decisions: Choosing The Right Pet

    Choosing the right pet can sometimes be a challenge! In this program, participants will learn what to look for when choosing a pet, the daily responsibilities of owning a pet and how to create an environment for your pet that will keep everyone happy!
    Appropriate for: grades 4 through adult

  • Kittens, Kittens, Kittens: The Trouble With Overpopulation

    With 8-10 million pets entering shelters nationwide each year, pet overpopulation is something that HSHV deals with every day. Participants in this program will learn about the causes of pet overpopulation, the importance of spaying and neutering and the programs available at HSHV to help with pet overpopulation.
    Appropriate for: grades 4 through adult

  • It's a Wild World: Understanding and Helping Wildlife in Your Community

    Participants in this presentation will learn exciting facts about the various wildlife that live in their community, how to respect their natural habitat and what to do if you find an injured wildlife animal. Participants will also receive information on what to do if you find a wildlife animal who needs help as well HSHV's role in caring for and rescuing wildlife.
    Appropriate for: grades pre-k through adult

Additional lessons can be designed and presented to meet a classroom's current Grade Level Content Area Expections in all subject areas. Please contact our Humane Educator at or at (734) 661-3575 for more information.

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