Humane Society of Huron Valley: MI-Paws Training Program

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MI-Paws Training Program

We have joined with the Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility to provide shelter dogs with a foster and training program. The program is part of Michigan Inmates Providing Assistance Work & Service (MI-Paws).

How Does the Program Work?

The inmates have been hand-selected to participate in this program. Each dog will live around the clock with their inmate handler and will be working on different aspects of training which will make them highly adoptable at the end of their stay.

HSHV will have the dogs rotate through the program with each session lasting eight weeks. These dogs will still be available for adoption during this time and we will take applications for adoption, with the hope that when the dogs return they will go immediately into a home setting.

Who's in the Program?

Currently in Program

What Will the Dogs Learn?

It is the intent that each dog graduating from the program will be capable of passing the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizenship test and earn their CGC certificate. Each dog will know basic commands such as sit, down, come, leave it and off. They will also be house-trained, be able to walk nicely on a leash and will most likely know a few pet tricks as well.

Why Are You Doing This?

The training will help the HSHV dogs find loving homes, but we also believe this program helps the human rehabilitation as well. The prison program is a part of giving a second chance to homeless dogs, something that we're sure the inmates can relate to. Most of the women involved will eventually be released, and we think this kind of program will help them fit back into their communities successfully. This benefits the dogs, the inmates and the community.

The MI-Paws program was developed to help repay a portion of debt back to local communities for some of the damage offenders have caused. The dog training program is an extension of this program.

For more information on how you can adopt one of the MI-Paws dogs, please call (734) 662-5585.

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