Humane Society of Huron Valley: Gonzaga Takes Over

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Gonzaga Takes Over

Gonzaga Takes Over
Gonzaga Takes Over

Gonzaga loves his nap time-especially with his new human! He has taken over the bed and now calls it his own.

I did not pick Gonzaga-he picked me. As I walked through the cat condos, he pawed at the glass and meowed at me. After going in, he melted in my arms when I picked him up.I also loved his name-although I think he was named for the sports team and not the Renaissance family that ruled Mantua! Within 24 hours of getting to his new home, he had inspected every nook and cranny, found his favorite spot on the window sill and is now sleeping next to me on a pillow on the bed! I am very lucky that we found each other and I thank the HSHV for taking such good care of him!


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