Annie's First Week!

Annie's First Week!
Annie's First Week!

In love with our beautiful old girl!

It's been a week since we adopted Annie and she simply the best dog! She loves everyone she's met, she adjusted so quickly to our new home thanks to her fantastic manners, and we are beyond in love with her.

Annie is full of so much love and cheer, despite all of the challenges that life has thrown her way. We're constantly amazed by her happy-go-lucky and cheerful personality, and she has not met a person she does not like. She's been enjoying our yard, her comfy dog beds (though she'd rather be sleeping right next to us), and daily walks in the woods by our house. Like her new "mom", she's a great lover of nature, even if she thinks she's capable of running down and catching the local deer ;)

Even though Annie is facing a new struggle in the form of her recently diagonosed cancer, you would never know it thanks to her bright and bubbly personality. We're working hard towards getting her on the mend, and one would never suspect that she's sick as she's as happy as can be!

I cannot believe how quickly and seamlessly Annie has become a beloved part of our family. We are so glad to have her enjoying her "retirement" with us!


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