Lucy and Zappa

Lucy and Zappa
Lucy and Zappa

Zappa, adopted August 2011, Lucy, adopted December 2011.

Zappa and Lucy are amazing animals! I adopted both of them from the Humane Society of Huron Valley. Zappa is a gentleman (and a scholar). I adopted him before I moved to Detroit from Ann Arbor for companionship. He became one of my best friends! Sadly, he was lonely while I was gone for work the entire day. I believe it had to do with him being separated from his brother, Dweezil. By the end of December (I was feeling the holiday spirit) his loneliness drove me to drive to HSHV, AGAIN, for a friend.

Gratefully, on the first visit, I found Lucy. She was a stray taken in only a FEW DAYS BEFORE! Lucy is missing a bottom tooth, but is absolutely perfect! She is very talkative, animated, and can curl up in the tightest ball you've ever seen.

The cats get along fine. Occasionally I wake up to a scuffle, but by the end of the day both cats are curled up meowing at each other in joy!


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.