Adopted in November 2011

Remy was bused up from a high kill shelter in Tennessee. We saw him online and fell in love. When we came to the shelter and met him, he was so sad, quiet, and teeny tiny. All you wanted to do was hold him! We knew we had to get him, but we were worried that he would always be like that and would never want to leave the couch, go for hikes, or play. We adopted him and the first night, he fell asleep on my chest and didn't move for hours like he just wanted to be close to somebody. The first few days we got used to each other, and Remy got used to the rest of the world. At the beginning, he wouldn't walk on a leash and had to be carried everywhere. Within a week though, Remy had a completely different personality. He loves to run around, wrestle, lick you, go for walks, and most of all PLAY ALL THE TIME! He is the most adorable thing ever. If you are considering adding a dog to your family, even if you want a puppy, a small dog, or a specific kind, I can't encourage you enough to go to your shelter and adopt one instead of buying one from the pet store! These dogs need homes, and they will truly light up your life! I can't imagine what our home would be like without Remy, he is one of the best things I've ever done in my life!


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.