Juno (formerly Godiva)

Godiva to Juno: Jumping all the way
Godiva to Juno: Jumping all the way

Adopted in February 2011

We adopted Godiva (now Juno) in February of 2011. She was a stray so little was known. We had rescued another dog a year earlier who had a very abusive history who was ready for a new pal. They fell in love at the shelter and never turned back.

Juno came to our house and it was like she had lived here her whole life. Beau Jangles (her brother) and her were instant pals and love to wrestle, play ball and especially enjoy tug of war. Juno has now worked her way up to running five miles a day with Beau. It took her some time to put on weight and keep it on but now she is just about right. There have been some challenges as she enjoys jumping the fence, getting in the garbage,destroying things and jumping up on people. She passed her first obedience class and earned her good citizen metal so with time all these behaviors have and will get better. She was quite proud. Juno is a very smart dog, has an intense prey drive and is so sweet. She enjoys sleeping on the pillow nose to nose every night. We believe a new fence is in our future as she can jump the current one with ease after her favorite squirrels so she is never unsupervised. Juno has had an incredible positive effect on Beau. It was like she taught him how to drop down his guard and love We thought he would dominate her, but she tends to be the boss most of the time. Juno came into our life at a good time. Although she can be challenging at times, we wouldn't trade her. She is a very fun dog with a heart and sweetness that never waivers. We love her very much and appreciated all the help of the staff at the humane society, especially Jeff. The care you took of then Godiva was great and your facility and staff/volunteers are amazing. We found a gem in Juno that will be a part of our family for a long time.

Thanks, Connie, Barb and Beau Jangles and the cats, Nell and Midgie


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