HSHV Wins Award for Saving the Most Lives

Tanya Hilgendorf and MPFA Director Debbie Schute
Tanya Hilgendorf and MPFA Director Debbie Schute

HSHV ranked first among all of the large animal shelters in Michigan

The Humane Society of Huron Valley was honored by the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance (MPFA) at its first statewide "No Kill Conference" held March 25, 2011 in Ann Arbor. MPFA gave Outstanding Shelter Awards to three open admission shelters with the best 2009 save rates. Awards were given to large, medium and small animal welfare organizations. Representatives from animal shelters and rescue organization across the state were in attendance.

HSHV was presented with the "Outstanding Large Shelter Award" with a 75% save rate in 2009. HSHV is proud to be at an 81% save rate today, with a goal of 85% for 2011.

"We are very honored by this award," said Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV Executive Director. "I accepted the award, but it is certainly not mine--it belongs to our staff and volunteers who provide the love, refuge, protection, and new beginnings to the lost, hurt and abandoned. It is created through the magical alchemy of their blood, sweat and tears. It is also for our Board members, donors, and government officials who believe in what we are doing and make sure we have the support to do it well. Being truly successful is always a story about love and about perseverance. When you have both, you can't be stopped from meeting your goals."

HSHV ranked first among all of the large animal shelters in Michigan based on 2009 statistics (large shelters take in over 5,000 animals each year). Below are how some of the other shelters performed:

St. Patty
St. Patty
  • Oakland County Animal Control = 56% save rate
  • Saginaw County Animal Shelter = 29% save rate
  • Michigan Humane Society = 28% save rate (3 shelters combined)
  • Macomb County Animal Shelter = 26% save rate
  • Genesee County Animal Control = 18% save rate
  • Kent County Animal Shelter = 17% save rate
At the conference HSHV staff met staff members from shelters all over the state, including from the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS)--winner of the award for outstanding medium shelter. The great folks at UPAWS heard about our pitbull overpopulation problem (which isn't a problem in the Upper Peninsula) and agreed to take two of our pitbull puppies up North for adoption. Both Spring and St. Patty, shown here, were adopted the very first day they were available!

Thanks again to Michigan Pet Fund Alliance for a great conference, and to our friends at UPAWS for helping some of our homeless dogs find great homes.


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