Dave transfer to GLRS; happy home!

Dave transfer to GLRS; happy home!
Dave transfer to GLRS; happy home!

Remember Dave, the incorrigible lop rabbit? He's home with me & is a VERY happy, well loved boy!

They say we pick them at the shelter, or they pick us.

In this case, I lost my beloved 11 year old lop, Edie in July 2016 & I was devastated & to this day I'm still heartbroken over her loss.

HSHV transfered Dave to Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (GLRS) about that same time. I began volunteering with them in Sept 2016 & there were signs posted about his agression, lunging, biting, etc. to which I say BAH! I've had rabbits for over 25 years, so I'm used to their tricks, mischief, naughty behavior, etc.

Of course he threw a fit in rattling his cage door when he saw me; he was demanding to be let out! I told him He had to back up & he was to behave in letting him out.

Everyone at GLRS stood back to watch what he'd do. I gently knelt down, put my hand on his back & told him to be a good boy. I picked him up & cradled him in my arms like a baby. It was an instant connection! He knew I understood him & he knew I was grieving Edie's loss.

It's so funny, because he's the complete opposite at home. He's a VERY happy boy, very curious, very, very, very cuddly. He likes to look for snacks to pull out, which is why I can't really keep anything on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Yes, he's proven to me he's quite capable of feeding himself! LOL!

He has his OWN furnished bedroom & he took over my old queen size bed. Yes, he's very spoiled & he shares a lot of Edie's characteristics. She picked Dave for me to try to cope with her loss.
I wish he'd get along with my Lion's head Marci, but she didn't get along with Edie, so...win some, lose some?

So this little incorrigble bad @$$, unadoptable bunny found his forever loving home with me & Marci & in honor of Edie.


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