The heartwarming story of Chili

One little pup, two lifesaving trips

Chili was aptly named—and not because he was spicy or from the homonym country. Chili was a nine-pound Shih Tzu mix from a struggling Detroit shelter. He’d been shaved.

Shivering from Michigan’s snow-filled February weather, Chili—along with several relieved friends—happily hopped aboard HSHV’s lifesaving Love Train. He graciously accepted everything that was given to him, including food, snuggles, and a handsome green sweater we’d received as a donation. And Chili happily entered his kennel, complete with cozy blankets, at HSHV.Chili the dog

Within hours, a woman gave her heart to him. But as it turns out, his heart, unfortunately, had already been taken.

Tiny Chili had heartworm disease. Heartworm used to be a death sentence for animals; but, fortunately today, there is a cure. The treatment for heartworm is time consuming and expensive, requiring multiple treatments and confinement of activity. This can be difficult for a 3-year-old pupnot to mention a new adopter.

But he already had her heart.

The woman who'd fallen in love with Chili waited patiently for him to receive his first treatment at HSHV. Fortunately, all went well, and just days later, Chili happily boarded his second lifesaving trip—this time, in the vehicle of his loving adopter, en route to his forever home.


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