Siblings of another mother (+ father) stay together

Gus (formerly Guz) and Bella, the non-perfect, perfect pair, find their more-than-perfect adopters.

Guz and Bella at HSHVGus and Bella were brother and sister. Not in the traditional sense, obviously. (Gus is an English Bulldog, and Bella is a Boston Terrier.) Siblings in terms of growing up together, knowing what the other does really well (and not so well), how to make them giggle with glee (and what buttons to push), and simply being the being in this world you will know longer than anyone else. You know, that sibling connection. No matter what happens—no matter how bad it gets—your brother or sister will be there for you.

When Gus and Bella lost their home this year, they didn’t know what to think. HSHV is a great shelter, but it’s not a home. We placed them in a kennel together, and they worked on consoling each other. And when Bella had to lose her leg due to a cancerous mass on her paw, Gus tried to cheer her up.

But they needed a home. Together. Forever. Easier said than done.

Not only are most people coming to HSHV just looking for one family member, English Bulldog fans aren't necessarily Boston Terrier fans, and vice versa. And many have a boy/girl preference; We needed someone who wanted both. And they weren’t youngsters; Bella’s 10; Gus is 8.

So, while we called them “a perfect pair,” they weren’t perfect. (They didn't like cats, after all. Or other dogs.) But they were perfect together.

And, as it turns out, they attracted adopters who just might be as close to perfect as humans get. Here's an update from them.

"We love them so much. We had been so lonely since putting our other furbaby to sleep."

"They love 'Bye-bye, car'..."

Gus and Bella, going home

"...are are two chow hounds. I’ve started making their food, I’m pretty sure they’ll be in tip-top shape in no time!

"We're training them to stay off the couch...

Guz and Bella at home

"...and chair...

Guz and Bella at home


Gus and Bella at home

"Yes...I guess they rule the roost.

"Bella’s stitches are out and almost healed. Our vet says they’re doing great. Both fur babies are happy, healthy, and content.

"We adore them! And are hoping the family that had to give them up will see they are doing well."

Well, indeed.

Thank you to all of our wonderful adopters who give "second-hand" animals warm spots in their hearts, homes... and sofas. And to all the fantastic donors who ensure our "perfect pairs" get the time they need to find the perfect adopters. 


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