"Some weeks it's hard to buy food for both us and our pets."

How pet food recipients from Manchester Family Services are "bowl-ed" over with gratefulness

"Help!" It's something our animals can't say and something people often won't say. Nonetheless, there isn't a being alive who hasn't needed help at some point, and fortunately, the Bountiful Bowls food program is there for those who are trying to figure out how to feed their families.

“The pet food program is great. Some weeks it’s hard to buy food for both us and our pets. Your help is greatly needed. Thanks.” - Bountiful Bowls client, through Manchester Family Service

HSHV's Bountiful Bowls, funded through your donations, provides neighbors in need with temporary pet food assistance. We work with partners like Manchester Family Service who deliver the food to those who need it most, when they need it most. The result: more pets stay in the loving homes, where they belong, and out of the shelter. 

Bountiful Bowls + Manchester Family Services clients

“The pet food program helps me a lot to care for my dog and cats who I love very much. They are like family to me. Thank you for your generous help.”- Bountiful Bowls client, through Manchester Family Service

“My dog is my best friend and family. Without her my life would be more difficult.” - Bountiful Bowls client, through Manchester Family Service

In 2015-16, Manchester Family Services (MFS) distributed 61,000 pounds of people food and 10,000 pounds of pet food. They currently serve over 125 people-- including families, seniors and -- during the summer-- migrant farm workers. This not only prevents people from having to surrender their pets, but also prevents needless stress on the pets and helps innocent animals stay healthy and happy.

  “Our dogs are in good health. Thanks for the all the help we get with the food.” - Bountiful Bowls client, through Manchester Family Service

“Thank you very much for being so generous and donating dog & cat food every month. Our family appreciates it. With the pet food we receive, our pets are never without. Truly grateful”

And we are grateful to the many HSHV volunteers and donors, without whom Bountiful Bowls could not run. Thank you!  For more information on the Bountiful Bowls pet food assistance program, including applying, donating, or running a food drive with your group or company, see hshv.org/bountifulbowls.


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.