How did the turtle cross the road?

With your help, of course! Read 5 quick turtle tips here.

Autumn is approaching, and turtles are slowly getting there, too. In these upcoming months, more and more turtles will be crossing the road as they leave their summer feeding grounds to seek winter hibernation. Here's how you can safely help their journey:

  1. Pull completely off the road and watch for traffic. Don't put yourself in danger, too!

  2. Turtle crossingLift small turtles by grasping the sides of their shells behind their front legs, and keep them low to the ground as you carry them so that they stay oriented.

  3. Don't lift large turtles! They could be snapping ones. The safest way to help them is to urge them across the road by gently pushing them with something blunt (i.e., the soft end of an umbrella).

  4. Always move the turtle in the direction it was going! The turtle is on a mission; if you turn it around, it will only turn right back around again to get in harm's way. 

  5. If you have time after moving the turtle, ensure it continues in the correct direction, out of the road!

Few hatchlings reach adulthood, so as turtles' environments dwindle, every turtle you save helps ensure its species' survival.


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.